Ranweli Holiday Village, Sri Lanka – Protection of Natural Areas & Wildlife

finalist[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his post congratulates Ranweli Holiday Village for being recognized as a 2013 Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards Finalist. This award recognizes tourism businesses’ consideration of their local environment and biodiversity by actively supporting and protecting their natural assets.

Ranweli Holiday Village is an eco-friendly resort located on a 22-acre peninsula where mangrove forests and winding rivers converge to meet the sea. Located only 18 kms from Colombo’s International Airport, Ranweli is the perfect base to explore the fascinating history, culture and nature of Sri Lanka.

Our favourite things about them!

  • Solid business record – 38 years in operation, 75% occupancy.
  • Good practices to reduce pollution, treat waste water, re-use grey water and minimize non-recyclable waste.
  • Good practices to protect native species.
  • Good idea to incorporate environmental education into welcome cocktail party.
  • Lots of tangible examples: e.g. contributions to conservation, education, carbon offsetting, sewage treatment, green purchasing, and mangrove rehab.
  • Massive impact (almost 50,000 guests / year).
  • A recognised ecolodge in Sri Lanka with a proven track-record for responsible approached to tourism.
  • Makes a concerted effort to protect natural areas and conserve wildlife.

Inspiring Management

  • One of the Top 50 Eco-Lodges of 2009, National Geographic Adventure magazine.
  • EU SWITCH – Asia Greening Hotels Awards 2012 Certificate of Merit for Energy and Water Conservation and Waste Management.

Community Engagement and Development

  • Contributed donations to a local conservation project and worked with school children on their mangrove rehabilitation project.

Protection of Natural Areas and Wildlife Conservation

  • Deliver talks, guided walks and welcome briefings to educate guests on local natural area and how to reduce waste.
  • Conduct carbon offsetting project.
  • Mangrove rehabilitation project close to hotel premises looked after by the hotel.
  • Biological sewage treatment plant onsite.
  • Waste water is treated and recycled for watering plants.
  • Has a green purchasing policy to reduce non-recyclable waste, e-waste returned to supplier.
  • Lobster not served during breeding season, and not purchased if under 200g.
  • 25% of property area remains undeveloped.
  • Use of native plants, e.g. indigenous fruit trees, herbal garden, food plants to attract butterflies.


  1. Dr. Madalina Popescu says

    Ranweli is a true sanctuary for plants and wildlife. Nowhere else in the world have I felt so at home in nature and so nature-protection-aware. They have managed the perfect balance: everything is both guest-friendly and nature-friendly.
    The impression sticks with you even after you leave. They have the talent, through their efforts, to change mentalities and have a real contribution to conserving plants and wildlife.
    This award would be well deserved by this resort!

  2. Bogdan Cojocaru says

    I am happy to see Ranweli competing for this award. They deserve it – I believe they are doing a wonderful job. The nature walks and bird watching tours that they offer are a great chance to learn, especially for a European that’s not so familiar with local plants and species. I’d love to visit them again : )

  3. Doro Jakob says

    Congratulation for this well earned award! Ranweli Eco Villag is the perfect hamony of hotel and nature with a very kind, helpful and loveable staff. Thank you all.
    Ranweli is a unique place in Sri Lanka. A piece of paradise.

  4. Michael Gerber says

    I hope the Ranweli-Team wins! Some of my best wildlife experiences were guided by the Ranweli staff. Best wishes!

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