World HOST, 29 Nov – 2 Dec

Amy, our Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards Manager, is honoured to have been invited to talk as part of the program of the World HOST event in several weeks time. World HOST is the first World Homestay Organisations Summit for Tourism, and we’re really excited to be part of it!

World HOST 2015 brings together for the first time, the global movement in community and homestay networks and initiatives. More than 300 delegates are expected at this inaugural summit and we are excited to host this auspicious event in the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Why World HOST?

Emphasizing that tourism markets continually look for interesting new experiences, bespoke itineraries, and immersive activities, this Summit provides the platform for individuals, organised groups, travel and tourism planners and promoters to access locally-nuanced, culturally-engaged, individually-styled travel experiences. The breadth of opportunities is seemingly endless. At the same time, accessing community and homestay locations provides wonderful support to local enterprises and economic development for communities and to the less accessible regions.


A full list of speakers can be found here. Amy will be joined by experts in the field of community-based tourism from all over the Asia-Pacific region! The event will provide an opportunity for delegates to meet representatives and homestay operators from across the globe, sharing knowledge and ideas, to create positive global impact through ethical tourism.

Amy will be there sharing best practice learned through our annual Awards.

Join the Event

To join the event in KL, you can register at their website here

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