Vacancy – Videographer

We are delighted to advertise this exciting opportunity for a budding and professional videographer! This position blends the unique and exciting opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful parts of South and South East Asia, with the chance to capture educational messages, which will be showcased at the region’s largest B2B travel trade show.


Purpose and overview:

For 10 years, Wild Asia has delivered the only regional Responsible Tourism Awards, recognizing leaders in sustainability from around the South and South East Asia region.  Every year for the last decade, we have collected case studies and stories from these businesses and initiatives, with a mission to reward these inspirational organisations for their achievements, as well as educate the business community by sharing their replicable lessons learned.  2016 marks our 10th birthday, and rather than inviting more new businesses to gain recognition, we are reconnecting with past Awardees and highlighting their successes, challenges, and stories. The information collected through 10 site visits in 8 countries will be showcased and ‘launched’ at ITB Asia in Singapore, and will be readily available online and open source, with the support to share with media and industry partners.

Project outcome:

10 videos 3-5 minutes long for each site identified in our 2016 Responsible Tourism Awards special 10th birthday reflection celebration

We’re looking for:

Three to four individuals who can be responsible for sub-regional hubs, and must be based in…

  1. Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines – appointed
  2. Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia - appointed
  3. India – vacant

Timeline requirement (no flexibility):

  • Travel dates – visit allocated locations before early September, with the flexibility to coincide these visits with our destination-based staff who will facilitate the site visits
  • Final editing complete – all 10 videos must be fully edited and ready for viewing by the end of October, for their official launch at ITB Asia in Singapore

Professional requirements:

You must have worked on professional video filming and editing before, preferably videos with a social and/or educational mission. You will need to take the lead as our videographer expert, directing at times, filming candid moments, and taking full ownership of the final piece. Shots will include location only, interviews, some narrated, etc.

Personal requirements:

  • Flexible schedule to be able to travel to locations at relatively short notice
  • Hard working attitude with an ability to plan ahead of visits and coordinate a plan for shooting which can be captured in just 2 days per site
  • Passion for social and environmental justice and change, which is communicated through powerful and education videos
  • Located within the South and South East Asia region, or able to return to Kuala Lumpur between site visits for travel purposes


  • Expenses and remuneration – All travel to the sites will be covered by Wild Asia. All accommodation at the locations across a 2-day site visit, will be supported by our Awardees. The budget (available on request) left over per video after travel costs, will be paid to the videographer for their work.
  • Travel – Complimentary travel to 10 locations including: Philippines, Malaysian Borneo, Indonesia near Singapore, Western India, Cambodia, Northern Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand
  • International showcase – Videos will be launched at ITB Asia travel trade show and shown to tourism professionals and businesses from around the world. Following this, videos will be shared via travel trade partners and media supporters across the globe.
  • Be part of the change! – These videos highlight some of the 10 most inspirational responsible tourism initiatives in Asia, and will educate others to follow suit far and wide. Their educational content will raise awareness of why and how sustainability makes a difference, and change the travel industry for better from within.

Apply now! Urgent vacancy 

This vacancy is on a tight schedule, so please do not delay applying for the opportunity to take part. Send us links to your videos and/or portfolio, with an email highlighting how you meet and exceed the above requirements. Send to Amy, Responsible Tourism Awards Manager,


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