About Wild Asia



Wild Asia believes that an understanding of social and environmental issues is fundamental to sustainable developments. Our mission is to inspire businesses to improve their social and environmental practices to meet and exceed global standards. We aim to create change from within the industry through direct engagements with businesses which have an impact on our environment and people.

Promoting Change. Inspiring People. Engaging Businesses.

Wild Asia positions itself to be a leading strategic partner for sustainable development initiatives. It is critical that we develop our work to be relevant, strategic, and adds value to our clients. It is this simple necessity that has helped us develop a unique set of professional services and solutions. Since 2005, we have completed 92 palm oil-based assignments in 7 countries and trained over 2,019 professionals in the palm oil industry. Our Responsible Tourism Awards have had influences in 10 countries in Asia and awarded 45 winners and finalists. Each year since 2009, we have given talks at Responsible Tourism conferences and reached more than 2,000 individuals from the industry. These numbers will continue to grow as we are active in developing strategic support for sustainable developments in palm oil and tourism.

LogoverticalWild Asia is legally chartered as a Malaysian company (Reg. No: 634446-W) and operates as a “social enterprise”, a concept for a business with social or environmental missions and not for maximising shareholder returns. In simple terms, we are essentially a “not-for-profit” and earn our income largely through the consultancies, training and other services we provide. All our founding shareholders have signed an agreement recognising the social mission and enterprise of Wild Asia. In practice 100% of all profits are distributed back into the business: 65% into our company for growth and 35% to our employees as profit shares.

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