Professional Services

Our capacity lies in understanding social, environmental issues surrounding tourism as well as the skills needed to communicate and report on responsible tourism best practices. We have developed our experience from working on field projects, surveys and assessments in different parts of Asia and beyond.

All our team members have developed social and environmental management competency through a number of international management standards. Such as: ISO 14001 (environmental management), SA8000 (social accountability), ISO 18001 (health and safety), ISO 90001 (quality management), Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria(GSTC) (sustainable tourism), Travelife Sustainability System for Tour Operators and Accommodations (international certification scheme).

We have applied our knowledge to fully understand the impacts of specific industries – in particular, the impacts of tourism on destinations. This understanding has been translated into talks, publications and training modules.

We’ve proven to be balanced, approachable, and trustworthy partners. These qualities form the foundation of our strategic engagements with leaders of large to small businesses. We’re responsive to individual needs and are able to simplify complex concepts, promote strategic thinking, facilitate understanding, as well as, provide leadership to train others.

We can help your business become a leader in responsible tourism, safeguarding your local environment and communities, whilst enhancing your public profile and profitability. Here’s how:

Communicate Effectively

Effectively Communicate Your Responsible Tourism Messages

Holidaymakers don’t necessarily want to hear about how much water or CO2 you have reduced. Instead, they are interested (first) with the kind of experience your hotel or tour company can offer them during their holiday. Wild Asia is specialized in helping tourism businesses communicate their sustainability story in a meaningful and effective way. We will assess, recommend and create messages that connect your business with your customer.

Assess, Report & Improve

Initial Responsible Tourism Assessment

You are interested in making your business more sustainable but don’t know where to start. This is the perfect first step. A Wild Asia consultant will personally visit your property or participate in one of your tours to get a better idea of what you offer guests. Using our bespoke tourism criteria benchmarked against the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC), our consultant will provide you with a thorough report of findings, recommendations and key priority areas to improve.

Build Capacity & Empower Leaders

Leaders in Destinations Training

Wild Asia hopes to nurture local talent from within destinations to care for the environment and the people throughout tourism. We believe that people are the biggest assets in any business; hence they need to be trained. We offer bespoke sustainability training programmes to meet specific needs of a tourism business. Run by experienced trainers and experts, our workshops are participatory and practical. We will share regional case studies from our Responsible Tourism Awards and proven tools and strategies that will benefit your business.


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