Research & consultancy


We can deliver and co-support consultancy and research projects for responsible tourism across the region. We specialise in:

  • benchmarking and baseline assessments
  • destination management in protected areas
  • community based tourism, development, and benefits
  • multi-stakeholder engagement strategies
  • wildlife and conservation
  • global standards and international best practice


We are able to provide destination assessments, and support these entities to design a sustainability strategy at destination level and align the standards to the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations.

Wild Asia can support destinations who strive to become more sustainable. This consultancy is perfect for small regions, groups of professionals, local authorities, islands, or associations.

Community organisations

We believe tourism should always benefit local people, and can help host communities established equitable tourism models and strategies. Whether you’re considering to introduce an entirely new tourism programme, or want to enhance existing community based tourism policies, our expert team can help you grow tourism in a socially responsible and inclusive manner.

Services for community organisations include supporting NGOs, CBOs, CB(E)T initiatives, or localised associations.