Sustainability services for businesses

RTservices(CBTV)We have more than 10 years experience providing personalised consultancy and advisory services for tourism businesses, including accommodation providers, and tour operators. We help businesses benchmark their current practices against global standards, highlighting successes and areas for improvement, and design bespoke strategies, action plans, and training programmes, to help you achieve more.

Support to Achieve an Eco-Label

Wild Asia understands that although many accommodation providers are committed to improving their performance on sustainability, they lack the necessary time, human resources, skills and knowledge, to design and implement the necessary systems and procedures effectively. We aim to use our widespread industry knowledge and extensive experience to help and support you on your sustainability journey.

The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism team will:

  • Adopt a holistic approach
  • Evaluate your existing sustainability documentation
  • Review your current management systems and procedures to assess current environmental and social performance, through an onsite baseline (pre-certification) audit
  • Provide you with a complete report detailing our findings and recommendations, and a list of independent suppliers for any proposed technical solutions
  • Support your application to become certified by international eco label

Energy & Water Audits

Our objective is to provide support to accommodation managers that are interested in improving the sustainability and efficiency of their operations.

Our team will assess your property, analyse your water and energy consumptions, as well as your waste management and provide you with:

  • Tools to make your procedures more sustainable
  • Technical advice to enhance the efficiency of your appliances
  • Opportunities to reduce your water and energy bill

Wildlife & Conservation

Wild Asia was founded by conservationists, and it remains at the heart of our passion. Diverse natural environments and biodiversity help the tourism sectors prosper in many parts of our region, and it is essential they are protected. Responsible tourism can help contribute to the diverse conservation and enhancement of neighbouring wildlife. Our team can help identify your natural assets, how to address challenges in their conservation, and support you to integrate strategies to live in harmony with nature.

Effective Marketing & Communications

Holidaymakers don’t necessarily want to hear about how much water or CO2 you have reduced. Instead, they are interested (first) with the kind of experience your hotel or tour company can offer them during their holiday. Wild Asia is specialised in helping tourism businesses communicate their sustainability story in a meaningful and effective way. We will assess, recommend and create messages that connect your business with your customer.

Training & Capacity Buildling

We believe that people are the biggest assets in any business; hence they need to be trained. We offer bespoke sustainability training programmes to meet specific needs of a tourism business. Run by experienced trainers and experts, our workshops are participatory and practical. We will share regional case studies from our Responsible Tourism Awards and proven tools and strategies that will benefit your business.